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Sika MultiSeal Self Adhesive Bituminous Sealing Tape - Grey (225mm x 10m)

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The Sika MultiSeal is a high-quality, self-adhesive bituminous sealing tape perfect for exterior repair, protection, and sealing applications.

  • Super easy to apply
  • Suitable for application at low temperatures
  • Great adhesion to most common building substrates
  • Self-adhesive that’s suitable for painting over
  • Fantastic waterproofing, heat stability and resistance to UV light
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The MultiSeal by Sika is an outstanding product that's perfect for completing various remedial work on the exterior of a building. Sika's scientists formulated this product with a high-strength self-adhesive tape, perfect for application onto most building substrates. It's created with a laminated metal film in aluminium and reinforced by a polyester film on the upper side, all of which are suitable for paints to be applied onto. Applications this product has been used on include;

  • Facades
  • Broken roof tiles
  • Leaking roof gutters
  • Chimneys and roof lights
  • Trailers and Caravans
  • Office containers
  • Roofs, including sheet metal work
  • Various types of ductwork


Preparation is essential; if not completed correctly, it can cause further problems in the future. Ensure the surface on which you intend to apply this is stable, clean, dry, and free from contaminants such as dirt, grease, oil, etc. Also, note that this product creates stress during movement, so ensure it's applied appropriately. You can enhance the adhesion of this product using the appropriate primer/propriety to clean the surface before application.


  1. Cut the tape to the required length and release the film.
  2. Place it into place, pressing firmly, using a hard-wheeled roller or another suitable tool to ensure no air is trapped.
  3. You can enhance adhesion further by heating it whilst it's on the surface.
  4. Any overlaps must be at least ≥ 50 mm.

Limitations and Notes

  • This product is suitable for painting systems except for solvent-based paints.
  • Do not use this product on natural stone.
  • This product can cause discolouration on the tape, coatings, plastic or natural stone.
  • Water can infiltrate underneath on porous surfaces if not applied correctly, causing adhesion issues.
  • Direct contact with joint sealants and adhesives must be avoided, or a preliminary test must be done to check for compatibility.
  • Joints under pressure or water immersion applications are not suitable for this product.

Additional information

Chemical Base

Bituminous tape laminated with polyester reinforced film made of metal (aluminium or copper)

Appearance / Colour

Colour range to be defined by local sales organisation


~1.5 mm (including metal film)

Tensile Strength

Aluminium lamination: Longitudinally ≥ 200 N/50 mm – Transversally ≥ 200 N/50 mm (EN 12311-1)
Copper lamination: Longitudinally ≥ 400 N/50 mm – Transversally ≥ 400 N/50 mm (EN 12311-1)

Elongation at Break

Aluminium lamination: Longitudinally ≥ 20 % – Transversally ≥ 20 % (EN 12311-1)
Copper lamination: Longitudinally ≥ 10 % – Transversally ≥ 10 % (EN 12311-1)

Service Temperature

-20 °C min. / +70 °C max.

UV Exposure

The aluminium film provides the UV resistance

Ambient Air Temperature

+5 °C min. / +40 °C max

Substrate Temperature

+5 °C min. / +40 °C max. Minimum +3 °C above dew point temperature

Technical Data Sheet