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Timco Pipe Shears

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Timco Pipe Shears, specially designed for cutting plastic pipes smaller than 26mm. Has a carbon steel blade to reduce pipe distortion during the cutting process.

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£12.99 Incl VAT
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The Timco Pipe Shears are designed for a single task but they accomplish it well. They can cut plastic piping to size quickly and effectively. Timco brand fixings, screws and tools are widely recognised as top-shelf. Drawing on 50 years of industry experience they are reliable and cost-effective. Cuts piping up to 26mm wide.

The sharp carbon steel V-shaped blade allows the shears to cut piping so cleanly that distortion is minimised. The result is a tool that goes through PVC, PEX and polypropylene alike. If you’re cutting a lot of plastic pipe for plumbing then the Timco Pipe Shears will save you a lot of time and effort.

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