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Established in 1937, EDMA began manufacturing hand tools for professional tradespeople. It understood the market and users’ requirements and ensured that the tools adapted as the years passed. Since then, its product range has expanded to include innovative products such as hammer tackers, repair kits, tools, etc.

This understanding of the market and users’ needs allowed them to position themselves at the forefront. Their desire to ensure that each product is forged with added durability, allowing plenty of use without signs of performance loss, is what keeps them ahead.

We at ERoofing pride ourselves on stocking only the finest products in the industry. We have full confidence in EDMA’s products, with the knowledge they’re effective and durable we ship them directly to your front door next working day. All orders placed over £10 are met with free next working day delivery. Any questions or concerns regarding the products will be answered by one of our exceptional and friendly staff members at ERoofing. Call or email to contact us.

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EDMA - Puncher Hammer Tacker

£42.49 Incl VAT £35.41 Excl VAT

Edma MAT 310/1005 Slate Cutter

£67.98 Incl VAT £56.65 Excl VAT

Edma Repair Kit For 0320 & 0310 EDM0315

£15.05 Incl VAT £12.54 Excl VAT