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Silweld Repair Tape, Black - 3m

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£8.99incl VAT.
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Silweld is a high grade, versatile tape perfect for emergency repairs to pipes and reinforcing insulation on electrical cables. At ERoofing we are proud to stock the Silweld Repair Tape, developed by the trusted chemists and engineers at Everbuild. 

  • 8000 volts electric insulation
  • 260 degrees Celcius heat resistance
  • -65 degrees Celcius cold resistance
  • resists acids, solvents and UV rays
  • 700 psi pressure resistance
  • Watertight and airtight
Total Price
£8.99 Incl VAT
£7.49 Excl VAT

What are the properties of Silweld?

Silweld Repair Tape can be used for quick repairs to a huge variety of situations. The seal it creates is both air and watertight and Silweld is also insulated to electricity below 8000 volts. On top of all of this Silweld can even be applied underwater. Silweld does not require any additional adhesive. 

Silweld’s durability can only be described as nigh indestructible. It is highly resistant to both heat as high as 260 degrees Celcius and as low as -65 degrees Celcius. It can survive acids, oils, petrol, salt water, solvents and UV rays. Furthermore it can even handle high pressures, even as high as 700 psi - that’s stronger than the bite of a mastiff!

Whether you’re patching a hole in a pipe or reinforcing a USB cable, Silweld Repair Tape will get the job done and then some. Always remember to take safety precautions when working with electrical devices and cables.

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