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Stronghold Fibreglass Catalyst 1kg

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Stronghold Fibreglass Catalyst is a high-quality MEKP catalyst, tested and proven with our system. Moreover, there is great control and no loss of fire rating qualities in finished products.

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£22.95 Incl VAT
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When you’re installing your Stronghold Fibreglass roofing, you need Stronghold Fibreglass Catalyst. This catalyst allows both the base resin layer at the bottom of the installation and the topcoat layer at the top of the installation to be cured properly.

Fibreglass roofs are made of three layers. A layer of fibreglass resin is spread over the roof first to create a smooth surface. Then a layer of GRP matting is installed that forms the solid core of the fibreglass. Finally, a layer of topcoat is spread out to secure the matting and protect it. The Stronghold Fibreglass Catalyst is vital to making sure that both the first and third layers can cure properly.

When mixing catalyst batches, make sure to follow all installation instructions and safety precautions. Fibreglass may not be suitable for inexperienced DIYers.

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