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Everyone uses glue in their everyday activities but when it comes to roofing particularly powerful ones are needed. At ERoofing we are proud to stock a wide variety of top-shelf glues and adhesives for roofing and construction needs. As always, when dealing with industrial chemicals and solvents make sure to read all the safety data sheets and follow their instructions to the letter.

What glues and adhesives does ERoofing carry?

The glues and adhesives we sell are produced by Everbuild. Everbuild makes two main kinds of industrial superglue. The first is the GP grade for a super-fast setting, solvent-free bind. The second is the HV grade “high viscosity” which takes somewhat longer to set and works well on many surfaces, even porous ones.

In addition, Everbuild also produces Gator Glue. Gator Glue penetrates into the substances that it is applied to, creating a nigh unbreakable bond. It is versatile and can be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces, and is particularly useful for wood joins.

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